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Welcome to At Home with Mrs. M. This is a blog of a full-time housewife and mother geared towards empowering women on its benefits and, by extension, some of the homemade recipes that make your family members salivate for your foods.


The founder of this blog saw the need to have balanced meals for his children who had feeding challenges even though she had to take care of them.

In her journey as a housewife, she studied child psychology concerning food to a point she can to learn what the children need in terms of nourishment.

The recipes are in a meal plan, which helps you understand what to cook without repetition. The ingredients are readily available and ideal for both children and adults.

Our Dedicated Partner

Erik Romadona

Recipe Master

Erik Romadona is our one of recipe master. She makes recipe for more delicious food.


House Wife

Olivia is another one of recipe master. Her every recipe is super tasty.


House Wife

Amelia makes unique food recipe every time as you want. He helps me a lot.


House Wife

She is my another friend who knows what exactly children and family want.

Recipe for Children

Do you want a meal that you can share with your children in a sitting? If yes, then enjoy our recipes on this page for that makeover you need in your kitchen.

The diversity in the cooking methods gives you a chance to try both the traditional and modern culinary skills for your family’s happiness.

What We Do

On our website, apart from the recipes, you will also have audiovisual content for the practical session on how to make some pastries, stews, barbeques, and grilled dishes for that real-time cooking session.

Do you have a challenge in understanding some of the culinary terms? Visit the video sessions that accompany the recipes and watch Mrs. M cook and serve her kids to your satisfaction.

Our Happy Client

“With Mrs. M’s recipes I am now a happy mother at home. I have tried a lot of items for my family before. But no one was perfect. Finally found the desired recipe from Mrs. M.”

Claudia Hill

House wife

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